DIY Ideas with Bottle Caps

Whether plastic or metal, bottle closures are an excellent material for a variety of DIY ideas. Plastic can be used for playing with the youngest while the metal still require a little vigilance. We have selected the stunning ideas which are very easy to implement and excellent for entertainment. All that remains is to collect closures!

Fun Shape Stamps

It is just enough to paste desired shape on the closures and dip it into the paint for fun stamping.

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Bug magnets

Make a cute fridge magnets which are always useful for family messages and schedules.

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Bottle cap math

Another educational game that includes caps is also a fun math.

Tiny picture frames

Use the closures for sweet miniature frames. This is a great decoration for the teenagers room.

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Canvas Checkerboard

Assemble the covers for the game of checkers! If you do not have a surface you can easily draw.

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Coaster under glass

Another very useful idea coasters! It will be necessary adhesive and of course your favorite colors.

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Necklaces of closures

The necklace is always a nice gift for friends! Play around with different designs.

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Earrings from closures

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Snake toy

Here are suggestions for children cute colorful snake. Collect enough lids and add two boxes of Kinder eggs.

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Bottle cap magnets

Another suggestion for making magnets is to decorate them with nail polish.

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Toothbrush holder

This idea is very simple and looks great! Use the plastic covers to make holders for toothbrushes.

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Magnets with animal drawings

These magnets are creatively painted with figures of animals. Luscious!