DIY ‘Time Out’ Chairs!

DIY ‘Time Out’ Chairs! We all have those days when we need a little ‘Time Out’. Now you can get creative with it! If you’re like me, you fell a little guilty putting the kiddos in time out.  Well, these creative do-it-yourselfers have come up with some ways to make it a little less torturous for […]

7 Simple Steps to Create Built-In Closet Storage

It’s really that simple!  Built-in storage is essential in closets these days.  In a perfect world, closets would always come with a full, functioning, effective closet kit, but they just don’t.  In fact, bedroom closets are nearly useless when in their builder-grade state.  Most closets are equipped with just one rod and a shelf just above it.  This is […]

Tile Time

So we just finished a wonderful new project that I am SUPER excited to share with everyone! We have been wanting to dress up our very builder-grade guest bathroom. We had already painted the bathroom blue, hung some accessories, and added a new shower curtain, but the bathroom still lacked some major pizazz Guest Bathroom […]