13 Fun DIY Ideas for Organizing Your Stuff

If those small things in your home constantly end up in drawers that are soon overflowing, maybe it’s time to find a better way of organizing. We have collected 13 ideas for organizing your home These tricks will make it easier to organize your home, and more importantly, always know where your stuff is! Organize […]

Endless Options: Find Your Best Gift Wrap Storage Solution

In Monday’s post about headway being made in my office closet, I shared some pictures of my wrapping paper storage. Apparently, a lot of people liked it because I got some comments for more details and a good amount of emails asking for the links to buy the products. Suffice to say I LOVE the […]

$50 Handmade Closet Kit Tutorial (Day 4: 30 Days to an Organized Home)

In a perfect world, this DIY closet kit would fit absolutely every closet out there. The reality though’¦ every closet is a different size. But, I believe that this plan can be easily adjusted to fit the needs of just about anyone who wants to tackle it. And, I’ll show you exactly what I mean! […]