Ten of the Weirdest Beaches in the World

From the rocky white cliffs of Realmonte in Italy to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Shell Beach in Australia, we’ve rounded up ten of the most unusual beaches on planet earth.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without the salty air, gentle breeze, and a refreshing paddle at the beach. Go to any coastline and you’ll more than likely find sun, sea, sand, and surf but what you won’t find are hot mineral pools, olive green sand, or hairy pigs casing the joint. So forget your standard variety and read on for ten of the strangest beaches in the world. (more…)

Weird and Wonderful Wildlife: Visit Unusual Animals in their New Habitats

Animal lovers rejoice. We’ve rounded up five places to put on your bucket list where you’ll see wild animals in unusual habitats. Summer’s fast approaching and we’re in need of some off-the-wall ideas for places to visit. If you’re an animal lover like we are, what could be better than seeing wild creatures in newfound […]