Renovated 1930 Spanish Colonial House

Married couple Chris Mekkulog and Peggy Hu had always had a desire, instead of moving into a brand new house, to buy an old one, to renovate and edit according to their tastes and styles. With this desire and idea, this couple bought a house in Spanish colonial style built in 1930 in Mar Vista neighborhood in Los Angeles, with which they began the exciting project.

Classic House Architecture

Although the house was many years old, the couple did not want to modify its original architectural structure which was in excellent condition. In the project of design they had decided to focus on its practical renewal and modernization, as well as remodeling and renovation of the interior.

The couple, in the project for the refreshment of interior has managed to save part of the old materials and to re-use them, by which the interior received attractive vintage glow. The layout of the rooms remained the same, however, with partial changes to the common walls and windows. The kitchen is again separated from the dining room and living room, but now the site of the old wall is mounted semi-transparent wall which makes the space more free and bright. In the kitchen prevails heat of the black walnut, which perfectly fits in the ambient of the old oak floors that retain their strength and shine all these years. The other spaces are refreshed with new modern furniture and decor. Thanks to the large semi-circular windows, the whole interior is bright, with a positive, reassuring note and overlooking to the outside landscape.

What defines the project is the re-establishment and updating the spacious yard that was previously empty and unusable. His new character with lush greenery, flowers and pleasant spot to rest gives new expression to the whole house. A modern and pleasant courtyard is also derived with the conversion of old wood materials which gives extra freshness of the garden.