13 Fun DIY Ideas for Organizing Your Stuff

If those small things in your home constantly end up in drawers that are soon overflowing, maybe it’s time to find a better way of organizing. We have collected 13 ideas for organizing your home These tricks will make it easier to organize your home, and more importantly, always know where your stuff is!

Organize your children’s underwear and socks in those hanging organizer meant for shoes. This idea is best for children’s room door.

Organize your wardrobe using old CDs.

Organize your nubs on the shelves that you can find in the local hardware store.

Organize thread using magnetic tiles.

Use large magnetic tiles to organize your office  tools.

Take nails and pegs to organize your paints.

Keep small things like buttons and laces in photo albums.

File all your kiddo’s drawings by year instead of throwing them out. Call it a box of memories.

Use envelopes to store bills and coupons for the grocery store.

Place pieces and cards of various games in identical plastic containers.

Make a mini wall bar so that you can fit alcohol and glasses on shelves.

image via childfreechic.com

Make a pocket for your kid’s bed to store magazines and books to read before bedtime.

Mark the boxes and sort the toys.