How to Make a Scrabble Tile Pendant

These Easter-Theme pendants are made from wood scrabble tiles I’ve collected from old or discarded Scrabble games. I have found tiles at garage sales, flea markets, Goodwill and online.

To make the Pendants, you will need the following supplies.
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1) Brush on a thin coating of

Glossy Accents

over your selected image. This will seal the image and prevent it from blurring.

2) After the

Glossy Accents

 sealcoat has dried (about 30 minutes), carefully trim the image using a pair of scissors. It is NOT important that the trim fit exactly at this stage. We’ll customize the fit later in the process.

3) Next, spread a small amount of

Glossy Accents

over the back side of a Wood Scrabble Tile. This will be the glue used to apply the image to the wood tile.

4) Place the image on the tile, and smooth in place. Let dry (aprox. 30 minutes).

5) When the image is fully dry, file off the excess paper with a fingernail file. Be sure to file in a downward motion so as not to pull the image away from the scrabble tile.

6) Pour a small puddle (about the size of a dime) of

Glossy Accents

into the

Scrabble Pendant Tray


 7) Swirl the tray to evenly spread the gel to all sides.

8) Now place the tile into the

Pendant Tray

and press gently. Notice how the gel will fill the gaps between the edges of the pendant tray and the sides of the scrabble tile.

9) Once the wood scrabble tile is in place, pour a puddle of gel over the top of the scrabble tile and spread to the edges using the tip of the

Glossy Accents


10) Allow the Gel to completely dry. Overnight is best. If any air bubbles appear, they can be removed with your fingertip prior to drying.

TIP: to prevent dust from landing on the tiles while they dry, place an empty shoebox over the top.

11) Once the gel has dried, thread a nice

Silver chain (Click here)


Silicone cord (Click here)

through the top and your pendant is ready to wear, or give away to some lucky recipient!