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A Green Option For Your Countertop

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are always giving me mixed feelings. I’m happy when my clients get a fresh, functional, and clean space. On the other hand, after every such renovation in my mind’s eye I can already see the mountains of debris where, eventually, the newly installed materials end their life after the owner decides […]

5 Unique Ways to Spring Clean with Vinegar

Over the last few years, we’ve ditched a lot of chemicals in our home in exchange for more natural, healthy alternatives. Apple Cider Vinegar and White Vinegar are now among favorite products that we always have on hand. For cleaning, there are several different types of vinegar you can use depending on the task you’re […]

5 Reasons Ideal Clients Aren’t Hiring You as an Interior Designer

I’ve noticed an interesting trend, even as the economy improves and more interior design professionals report sightings of new clients and projects. There is an entire group who continues to commiserate about the lack of clients and projects, citing various reasons such as a recession, the housing slump and a rapidly changing marketplace full of […]

Keeping Your Interior Design Business Reservoirs Full

What happens when we try to brew coffee without water in the reservoir? Nothing much. A piping hot cup of coffee won’t magically appear without filling the tank. As an interior designer or decorator, what are you trying to brew in your design business? Have you checked your business reservoirs lately? Or are you expecting […]